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The granting of a Decree of Divorce in a Court effectively relieves spouses from the obligation to cohabit with one another and allows them to remarry. The relevant period of four out of five years must have expired before the issuing of the Application for the Decree of Divorce. It is possible to be granted a Divorce if the parties have lived separate and apart, even under the same roof.


It should be stressed that divorce is purely a civil remedy. It has nothing whatever to do with Church marriage. Catholics who were validly married in church and subsequently obtain a divorce may not marry another partner in a Catholic church while their first partner is still alive. Anyone who may wish to do so, for religious or family reasons, should inquire from the local diocesan office about the possibility of obtaining a Church nullity. That can takes four years or more so, if it’s an option, it should be investigated at an early stage.


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